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This Sunday - Mothering Sunday

St Andrew’s Notices.

This Sunday 22nd March Archdeacon Dave is coming to say his morning prayers in church. He does this every morning and just happens to have chosen St Andrew's for Sunday morning. Anyone who is around may listen, I stress this is not a service. He will stay until 9.30 am in case there is anyone who has not heard that services are suspended. There will not be a service at 9.30 but he will say a few prayers and anyone there can listen and pray with him, observing the rules of social distancing. Hopefully this will be outside and the forecast is good.

Again, this is not a service as services are currently suspended.


Please be aware that all the Churches Together events are cancelled. This means The Walk of Witness and Pentecost in the Park, although it is hoped that the early morning service on Easter Day will take place at the cross in the park. Also,all events to mark the 75 year end of WW2 have been cancelled.



Churchwarden Elizabeth Neil 01234 740931

Churchwarden Beverley Hodges 01525 404625

Reader Pippa Kilgour 01525 4065696

Reader Stella Brooks 01525 860370

In these uncertain times it is difficult to know what the next step will be. All we can do is keep in touch with each other and I will let you know when I hear any more from the authorities.

Thank you Elizabeth

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